Supplemental Results – Google’s second division

If pages of your site have disappeared from searches on Google, chances are they might have been relegated to Google supplemental results index.

Why do web pages fall into Google’s supplemental results? Here are the most likely reasons:

  • The content of the page is a close duplicate of another page in Google’s main index
  • There are not enough links to the page from your own site or others
  • The page is too deep within your site (say more than 4 clicks or folders deep)
  • The page has a long url or query string.

None of these conditions alone mean that your web page will be relegated to the supplemental results. Google keeps the formula for relegation a tightly held secret, so not many outside of the Googleplex really know the answer. However there are steps that prevent or reverse relegation to the supplemental results.

How to check if your any of your website is in the supplemental index:

Search Google using this syntax: ”site:”

A supplemental result looks like this: – 9k – Supplemental Result

If you see any listing like this, we’re sorry to inform you that you’ve been relegated!

What can I do about my supplemental results?

  • Check that your web page’s content is original
  • Create clearer and more prominent links to the web page from within your site
  • Get other sites to link directly to your web page
  • Link to the page from relevant places within your website’s content (not just the menu)
  • Reduce the number of folders in your site structure
  • Reduce the number of clicks required to get to your web page
  • Wait patiently . . .

It can take time to get out of the supplemental results, but take heart . . . you can get back into the first division!


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