Using online video to increase conversion rates

Can online video boost your conversion rates?

Video is becoming an important feature of many websites. Here are a few examples of websites where we’ve used an online video:

Used discerningly, an online video can increase the chance of a website conversion because it can:

  • Enhance a customer’s ability to understand or relate to an offering
  • Demonstrate convincing features and benefits
  • Engage with the customer on a more personal level.

However, there is a downside of using online video. Some of the drawbacks can be that:

  • It may be slow to download depending on the size, quality and speed of the viewer’s connection
  • Videos are “real time” and force people into a time frame. As opposed to copy on a web page which can be scanned and read at their own pace, a one minute video takes one minute to watch.

You can use online video to achieve higher website conversion rates. When using an online video make sure that you:

  • Offer the choice of video, but don’t automatically play it. Let the user decide.
  • Keep videos short and to the point – no longer than one minute if possible.
  • Ensure that the video clearly supports the conversion goal and the purpose of the web page. Don’t use a video just to have a cool website.


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