You have to pay to get into Google right?


“You have to pay to get into Google right?” Too often there is confusion about what’s paid and what’s not in Google.

It’s time to set the record straight. Click the image to the left to see which areas of Google are paid and which are non-paid.  

The listings that appear with a light yellow background at the top of a search page are “sponsored links” or paid listings. There can be up to three listings here.

The listings to the right are also “sponsored links” or paid listings.

The listings on the left hand side on the white background, sometimes under the yellow sponsored listings, are called organic search results. These are non-paid, computer generated listings.

So how do I get my site into Google? 

Organic listings in Google can be achieved by Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. They rely on copy writing and other techniques.

Paying for sponsored links is called Pay Per Click or PPC. For Google, this involves running a Google Adwords campaign.

Which should I choose, SEO or PPC?

Well, both can yield fantastic results when coupled with a high conversion website. We consider SEO to be important since our research indicates that it:

  • Attracts up to 80% of the traffic from search results
  • May carry a higher feeling of trust because it’s not an ad
  • Can deliver a longer lasting and higher return on investment.

However PPC is also very useful because it enables you to quickly:

  • Test page conversion rates
  • Supplement SEO traffic
  • Explore new search terms.

There are  good reasons to use both both SEO and PPC effectively for your website. 

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