Use HTML Emails to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Email marketing is a very important strategy needed by businesses wanting to further improve their online presence. If you have been sending plain text emails to your list, you might want to think twice about what you are doing and start incorporating designs to your campaigns.

Though HTML emails may seem scary,  they are attractive and engaging compared to plain text emails. In fact, according to a recent study we read, html emails got a 50% better click through rate compared to plain text emails. If you want to brand your campaign and want to show off your products, HTML can certainly help you make your campaigns more attractive and appealing.

Below are ways on how you can wake up your email campaign and effectively design it.

Incorporate Your Brand On Your Campaigns

HTML enables you to style your campaign and design them according to your brand’s online identity. With HTML, you can add images,company logos, and use backgrounds that match the colors and fonts of your website.

Be Proud of Your Products and Show Them to Your Readers

Images in email are not just for online retails stores. Even photographers, web designers, and artists can display their work of art in their emails. By incorporating an image on your email campaigns, emotions or thoughts that are hard to explain can be easily conveyed.

Incorporate Videos To Your Emails

If images can instantly liven up your email marketing campaign, videos will surely take it to the next level. Until recently you couldn’t embed videos into emails but with a little bit of coding knowledge this can now be achieved.

In essence, videos tend to be more dynamic and engaging compared to images. Videos can also be an excellent selling point for your business.

Try to Keep Your Readers Interested So They will Keep On Reading

A brilliant way to design your campaign is by creating an eye path enticing your customers to read further.

A good way to achieve this is to use a big picture and text that is half on the fold area of the message. Designing your email campaign this way will spark the curiosity of your readers thereby teasing them to read your entire email message. Unlike boring plain text emails, HTML emails can persuade your readers to go through the rest of your message.

In Summary

Understand what your email marketing strategy is and how you will use it to achieve steady traffic to your site is paramount to email marketing. Though some people love the simplicity of plain text emails, many prefer to design their campaigns for a more appealing impact.

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