Tips On Creating Video Content

If you are a vigilant online marketer, you should now be doing something to popularise your onlinee videos. With the recent Google Panda 3.3 update, Google clearly expressed that it will be improving its video snippets and will now be showing direct links to the most popular videos of YouTube in their search results. If you do not want to be left behind, you should by now be thinking of strategies for your video marketing campaign.

Though video marketing may not always be easy, below are some practical tips that can improve your chances of having the most watched videos in YouTube for your given market.

Effective Story Telling

We know that creating engaging content is an effective strategy, creating a video can inspire people to take action based on emotional connections which can be super effective. For instance, if you are promoting your veterinary clinic online, create a video that expresses your stand against animal cruelty and include the music of Sara Mclaughlin’s “Arms of an Angel” for the background music. By doing so, you speak to the emotions of your viewers and you let them know that you are serious when it comes to fighting animal cruelty.

Be Direct to the Point

The reason why people enjoy watching videos so much, compared to reading, is that it enables them to absorb information without much effort. Do not spend hours creating a video that will just be ignored. Create an engaging soundbite and a teaser that will make viewers ask for more. Also, make your video short and direct to the point and do not beat around the bush.

Video Testimonials

Testimonials are important if you want to attract more clients. The willingness of your current client to talk about how they have benefited from your products or services is priceless. In addition to posting testimonials as text, it will be a good idea to exert more effort in recording the testimonials. You do not need a high end video camera for this, just use any point and shoot camera and you should be able to record a video testimonial that is more credible and believable.

Improve Video Sharability

By creating a video and posting it online, you promote your videos to millions of Internet users worldwide. To create even more buzz about your online video and further promote your branded content, ensure that you make use of sharing widgets so your video can be shared within different social networks in just a few clicks. The more people watch and share your videos, the more popular it gets.

In Summary

Whether or not you have carried out a video optimisation campaign before, well optimised videos are now very important especially now that Google has clearly stated that it will be including popular videos in its search results.

What are some of the videos that have had a personal impact on you? Was it fun to watch, controversial and compelling? What are your video strategies that you find most effective and would recommend to other online marketers?

Looking forward to your comments!

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