Three Important Qualities Your Marketing Offer Should Have

When it comes to all forms of marketing, offers serve as gateways to lead generation. Without call to actions, site visitors cannot be converted into leads. Since there are so many marketers that get confused on exactly what a marketing offer can be, this article will explain the essential characteristics of an offer and how you can make an effective offer right away.

There are a number of qualities a good offer should have in order for it to be generate and nurture leads effectively. Below are the top three important qualities an offer should have.

Should be of High Quality and Valuable to Your Target Audience

Remember that people do not like to give up their contact information freely. It will even be worse if you start putting up mediocre offers behind your forms. Your business may start to be known for bad offers that are not worth the form completion thus definitely hurting your lead generation efforts.

To make it very easy to understand, an offer is only considered valuable if it can address the problems and needs of your visitors. For instance, by offering a free product trial you not only encourage your visitors to sign up you also nurture the existing ones who are about to make a purchasing decision.

Should be Aligned with The Business and Products You are Offering

An effective marketing offer complements the products and services being sold. Educational e-book is a example of a great marketing offer. By writing an informative e-book about why your products and services are needed and including statistical data from reputable research companies, you establish your company as an industry thought leader and you educate your prospective clients about the kind of problems your products and services can solve.

Should Target the Right Buyer Persona at the Right Time

A great marketing offer also considers a person’s point in the sales process not to mention the visitor’s specific interests and needs. For instance, if your business is all about photography and a first time visitor comes to your site then downloads an e-book on how to take good photographs at night, you may want to further nurture that lead by inviting them to attend a webinar so they can learn how to better understand their camera modes and their usage. As they go up the sales cycle, you can offer them other products and services as you build trust and provide value to them.

Does your current marketing offer have the three important qualities we mentioned? If yes, how much do they factor when it comes to your business lead generation and nurturing efforts? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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