How to Re-engage Your Inactive Subscribers

According to a recent research, email marketers lose about 25-percent of their email list each year. This is inevitable because people may lose interest in your company, change their email addresses, or perhaps they have unsubscribed– these are all part of the email marketing game and you need to be prepared when these scenarios happen. How do you win back some of your subscribers who are still interested but have too many emails in their inboxes? Simple, carry out an email re-engagement campaign.

Below are the simple steps on how to carry out an email re-engagement campaign.

Identify Your Inactives

People can be inactive for several reasons. If a person has been inactive for 3-6 months, then it’s time to include them on your re-engagement campaign. Unless, you have several years buying cycle, it won’t be advisable to include people on your re-engagement list who have been inactive for years. They will just drive up your spam complaint rates, it’s wiser if you just remove them from your list.

Write and Send Engagement Campaigns

Send a series 0f emails to your re-engagement list over the course of several weeks to try to win them back. This is recommended because your inactives have suffered from what we call communication breakdown along the way that caused the value of your emails to be unrecognised. It may take you more than one campaign to prove the value of your email to them and causes them to change their minds about your business and offer.

Effective Types of re-engagement emails many businesses often send:

  • Update Email Preferences
  • Email Feedback Survey
  • Incentivise Email Activity (Offer freebies or coupons for re-opting in your email list)

Lessen Future Instances of Inactive Subscribers

Just because you have sent out your re-engagement emails, does not mean you are done! The success of your re-engagement campaign is all about keeping your subscribers interested. You may want to communicate with your leads more often. Remember that the more you know about them, the better you will be able to customise your emails that can result in more engaged email subscribers.

What strategies do you use to re-engage your email subscribers?

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