Word Count Does Not Matter

Good business blogging is not about the number of words used, it’s about writing compelling content and optimising the written content for mobile use.

Let’s break down some of the reasons why word count in business blogging is unimportant and let’s discuss the more important things we should be focusing on for our blog.

Word Count Doesn’t Matter, Mobile Optimisation Does

According to a recent study, half a billion people across the world are getting information online using their mobile devices. This number is expected to rise by 2014 and instead of counting how many words you have on your blogpost, you need to realise as early as now that your blog should load to fit screens on an iPhone, Blackberry, and Android device.

Instead of worrying about word count, focus your efforts on writing short-form content that can easily be read by professionals who are using smartphones and tablet devices.

Word Count Doesn’t Matter, But Effective Formatting Does

As a blogger, you should already know by now that people are not reading every word on your blogpost. Readers have short attention spans and they’re probably scanning your post for its main idea. Instead of writing long posts and beating around the bush, it would be a good idea to make it easy for your readers to grasp the main idea of your post by getting really good at formatting. Make sure that your post has images and that you divide content using bullet points and numbers as well as use bolded text to tell the reader where to focus their attention on.

Word Count Doesn’t Matter, But Clarity and Depth Do

Though some topics take 1000 words to fully communicate the idea, great bloggers know how to be concise when it comes to their writing. They only take the main points and only take a couple of hundred words to get across their point and they don’t write for the sake of writing. Before you start writing your post, it would be good if you can first narrow down the scope of your topic and list down the points you want to cover. By doing so, you will find out if your topic is appropriate or if it is better covered in a whitepaper.

Do your shorter blog posts perform better or do your audience prefer your lengthier posts?

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