Content Formats That Are Rocking Mobile Devices

Nowadays, people not only read content using their computers but also using their mobile devices. Even if you are not yet focusing on mobile optimisation, it is important that you already understand some of the content formats so its easier for you to prioritise your content creation efforts accordingly.

Below are some of the content formats that are presently rocking mobile devices.


With the launch and popularity of Kindles and other mobile reading devices, one of the content formats you need to be focusing on are ebooks. With just a little design knowledge, you can easily create an e-book for your visitors which can help you generate even more leads.


Infographics translate written content in a visual format which is easier to digest on e-readers, tablets and smartphones. Not to mention, inforgraphics are fun to read so people are more than willing to share it on their networks. Furthermore, the long vertical format of infographics are also ideal for the rectangular mobile screen of tablets.


Podcasts are ideal for mobile devices since mobile devices are not far from a pair of earphones. What’s so nice about podcasts is that it is genuine and just casual meaningful conversations. So instead of a script, all that is needed is an interesting topic to talk about. As your audience grows, so will your reach since people are sharing your podcasts in their network.

In Summary

What’s so great about the mentioned content formats is that they’re not only suited for mobile audience, they can also rock your website for non-mobile users as well.

What content formats do you have on your mobile devices? When are you planning to start creating mobile-friendly content for your audience?

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