Important Places You are Forgetting to Add Calls To Action

Does your landing page offers a high conversion rate but very few actual leads? Well there is a huge chance that content is not your problem but rather how you are promoting your offers.

Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are very important part of your offers. If you are having traffic generation problems for your landing pages then what you need to do is add more CTA to various parts of your landing pages. Below are some places where are you likely forgetting to add CTAs.

Important Places Where You Can Add CTAs

On Your Blog

You may want to include CTAs on your blog’s sidebar and on every individual article you are publishing. In addition to image CTAs, think of ways on how you can include text CTAs within the body of your blog content.

On Your Twitter Background

Consider designing your Twitter background in such away that it will include a simple CTA. Even though they are not clickable, including a short URL in your background design will do the trick. You may also want to use your Twitter bio and link as CTA.

In Your Videos

Insert CTAs within all your videos. For videos, it is important that you make your CTA simple and include an easy to remember URL. By doing so, if someone wants to embed your video on their website, your CTA will still remain intact.

In Your Email Signature

Each little effort helps. Including a CTA in your email signature and encouraging your employees to do the same will also help.

Where else can you add CTAs to improve your lead generation efforts?

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