Separating the Good Leads from the Bad Ones

How do you separate good leads from the bad ones? Though there is nothing wrong with unqualified leads, they can drain your resources and can ruin your marketing data and campaigns. By identifying the good leads from the bad ones, you save your company time and you get a better sense what a promising lead is all about. Below are ways on how to separate the good leads from the rotten.

Remove Email Recipients That Are Not Engaging

If you have unengaged email recipients whom you haven’t engaged for years already, receiving your emails without ever opening them, then you may be causing them harm than good. What most marketers fail to realise that not removing these email addresses will hurt deliverability rates and sender score. If you keep on sending emails to subscribers who do not care anymore and your engagement data is consistently low, the deliverability of your emails can also suffer since ISPs are now getting stricter when it comes to reputation metrics.

Score Your Leads

The simplest way to score your lead is by having a high scoring offer and low scoring offer on your site. The low- scoring offer on your site should be a content that can be used widely by your visitors. The high-scoring offer, on the other hand, should be able to tell you that the individual has a true and specific interest with what your company is offering.

Nurture Your Leads

By nurturing your leads, you keep your leads interested through a series of targeted emails without pressuring your sales team.  Instead of scoring a poor lead who is not fit for a customer, you can nurture them to help you with engaging other individuals and turn them into advocates of your company. The key is looking for people who always read your content even though they don’t fit your company yet. Keep in mind that these people can still help you get more businesses by sharing your content and drawing others in!

How do you separate good leads from the bad? How do you differentiate leads?

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