Google’s New Algorithm Targets Copyright Violators

Starting this week, Google’s algorithm will now penalise sites that have copied content and reward those sites that create the best content. Should you be worried? No… unless you are stealing people’s content.

Copyright Removal Notice

More About the Algorithm

This latest algorithm update is supposed to consider the number of valid copyright removal notices a site receives when evaluating its rank in the SERPs. It goes without saying that those sites with lots of infringements will appear lower in the results while those that don’t have notices will be unaffected. Google, in a statement, said that the goal of this update is to allow users to find legitimate quality sources of content more easily.

What You Can Do

Well, unless you are stealing the content of the others, you shouldn’t worry about this update too much and just continue producing more quality content. However, for those people who don’t have any idea how the Internet works and choose to copy other people’s content, then beware.

What do you think about this algorithm update? Does it bother you or are you happy that Google is finally doing something about copyright infringement?

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  1. Simon Coates says:

    It is about time they also started penalising sites that steal images and photos from other sites – such as iStockPhoto…..

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