About Us

Bitemark is a Web Marketing and Email Marketing Agency in Melbourne, Australia.

Conversion Rates are one of the most important performance measures of any sales or marketing campaign. Bitemark specialises in helping companies improve their conversion rates online.

Customers often come to us looking to get more traffic to their website, but what we often discover is that their conversion rate is too low for traffic to really matter. If you measure your website’s performance by its conversion rates, you’ll know where to direct your effort to get the best return.

Conversion Rate Formula for Web Marketing:

Leads / Visits = Lead conversion rate %

Sales / Leads = Sale conversion rate %

Many, many websites have an incredibly low lead conversion rate (visits to leads), typically less than 0.1%. Generating more traffic to a site with a conversion rate so low won’t do much at all. This blog is intended to raise the profile of conversion rates as the key performance indicators of web marketing.

Conversion Rate Blog is maintained by Bitemark in Melbourne, Australia.