Solving Prospects’ Problems Through Marketing

Are you having problems converting your prospects into customers? If yes, then you probably need to rethink your marketing strategy and make sure you provide answers and solutions to your customers’ problems. This post will give you plenty of ideas to implement which will make your marketing more solution-oriented. Create How To Blog Content Blogging […]

Best Practices for An Effective Mobile Check-in Campaign

Location-based media like Foursquare encourages people to “check in” at a business using their mobile devices thereby allowing them to keep the people in their social network informed of their whereabouts. For instance, Foursquare works in such a way that it gives the title of “Mayor” to customers who are frequenting a particular shop or […]

Building The Buyer Personas of Your Business

Before you decide to design your website, one of the things you need to consider is the buying personas of your business. In a nutshell, buyer personas are the result of dividing your audience into different groups of people. These people are representations of your ideal customers based on customer demographics and online behavior. If […]

Reasons Why Marketing And Customer Service Need to Work Together

The need for a better marketing /customer service relationship is more important now since customers are now turning to social media as a way of communicating with businesses. Below are reasons why it is important that your marketing and customer service be aligned and how to create a kind of relationship that is much better […]

Improving Your Brand Strategy

Your brand campaign strategy should align with your company goals. Otherwise, your business may eventually hit the wall without the proper strategy. Furthering your brand is all about the how, what, when, and to whom you intend to communicate your product or service. By having a clear and concise brand strategy, you get to know […]

Is Lead Scoring For Your Business?

When it comes to inbound marketing, the good news is that it can help you get high volumes of leads. The challenge, however, lies on separating the good quality leads from those people who are just looking around. This is where lead management or lead scoring comes in. By scoring your leads, you designate certain […]

How to Give and Get Customer Love

If a business regularly shows it customers some love then don’t be surprised if that business becomes a lovable brand. If your brand is loved by many, customer referrals, press-worthy testimonials, customer retention and loyalty will come easily. Below are some ways to give and get customer love. Feature the success of your customers in […]

Tips to Enchance Customer Relationship for Better Client Retention

As marketers and sales professionals, it goes without saying that we always work hard to get new clients and increase our online presence within our targeted audience. However, it is a must that we also think about the duration value of our existing customers and how our way of communicating with them can enhance  customer […]

Ecommerce Mistakes That Can Make You Go Out of Business

Doing SEO right for ecommerce is never an easy task especially now that Google Panda has been launched. Though I agree with Google that it should clean up its Search Enigne Results Pages (SERPS) the downside is that many legitimate sites are being affected and being caught up with the update. With the recent update, […]

Tips to Improve Efficiency When Working Under Pressure

What do you do when work has doubled and order volume has increased? Even though your sales may increase you may not be in a position to increase your staff, instead, why don’t you look at improving your efficiency by using a some great tools and techniques. Below are some mantras to live by when […]

Essential Tools For Managing Your Team and Projects

What tools and systems do you use to manage your team? To make sure that all your projects run well, you need to effectively manage deliverables and your virtual staff. In this article we will share  the basic tools we depend on to ensure our projects run smoothly, on time, and exactly according to what […]

Online Marketing Blunders You Need To Avoid

Ever wonder why some online marketing strategies work for some websites and not yours? Maybe you made a mistake in its implementation or maybe you are doing the wrong strategy. Below are some online marketing blunders that may prevent your online business from succeeding. Not Enough Dedication to Internet Marketing Many online businesses started as […]

Tips on Improving Brand Engagement on Facebook

Have you jumped on board the Facebook juganaught yet? If not, need to realise the goldmine that is in the social networking sites like Facebook. By creating a Facebook page, businesses will expose themselves to more than 750 million active Facebook users. If, as a business owner, you want to expose and promote your business […]

The Importance of Marketing and Sales Collaboration

Ongoing communication between your marketing team and sales team is very important when running online marketing campaigns and it’s essential that both teams work in harmony for better campaign outcomes. Below are some pieces of advice for cross-department collaboration. Tip 1: Communicate Campaign Details Always notify your sales department about the specifics of the campaign you […]

Zendesk: Simplifying The Help Desk Support System

Do you need help prioritising customer support ticket requests as well as being able to assist your customers when they cannot reach a live agent? Then you should consider an online support ticketing program. With this type of system, you will be able to help agents answer questions, track issues and streamline interactions with your […]

Online Storage and File Sharing Solutions

Get Dropbox from

Do you use more than one computer and need to share files across them?  How are you currently storing your important documents? Do you share documents with other team members or people outside of your business? Do you have a secure backup service off-site? Are you currently using any of the following to store and […]

Want an effective website? See your marketing consultant first.

Hiring a marketing consultant can be a smart move. Particularly if you run a business that doesn’t have a marketing department (i.e. most small businesses). Often B2B and professional services companies are created by people who are very good at what they do, but who are not necessarily good at articulating it. Sometimes they struggle to describe […]

Online selling and international orders

One of the fantastic things about the internet is that selling online has enabled many small businesses to access international markets. At the Small Business Expo in Melbourne last weekend I listened to a talk by William Mulholland from McMahons Lawyers regarding some of the legal issues that face small businesses. It got me thinking about the risks […]

Read this before you accept international orders from your website

If your business sells online, receiving your first international order can be thrilling. One of the great things about selling online is the ability to reach markets far away for a low cost. But beware, the ease of conducting transactions over the internet belies the potential minefield of international trade. Before you leap into the global marketplace, […]