Important Places You are Forgetting to Add Calls To Action

Does your landing page offers a high conversion rate but very few actual leads? Well there is a huge chance that content is not your problem but rather how you are promoting your offers. Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are very important part of your offers. If you are having traffic generation problems for your landing pages then […]

Solving Prospects’ Problems Through Marketing

Are you having problems converting your prospects into customers? If yes, then you probably need to rethink your marketing strategy and make sure you provide answers and solutions to your customers’ problems. This post will give you plenty of ideas to implement which will make your marketing more solution-oriented. Create How To Blog Content Blogging […]

Brilliant Email Marketing Personalisation Tips You Need to Implement ASAP

The next in thing when it comes to inbound marketing is personalisation. What this means is that you need to carry out a personalised email marketing campaign for your prospect and customers that will cater to their individual problems, interests, needs, and wants. By having a personalised marketing campaign, you get more visits, more leads, […]

Creative Ways to Grow Your Email List

It’s a sad and inevitable fact that most email marketing databases decrease by 25-percent each year. Your contacts may have moved from one company to another or they may have opted out of your email communication, or they have abandoned their old email addresses, regardless of the reason why your email database is decreasing, it’s […]

How to Re-engage Your Inactive Subscribers

According to a recent research, email marketers lose about 25-percent of their email list each year. This is inevitable because people may lose interest in your company, change their email addresses, or perhaps they have unsubscribed– these are all part of the email marketing game and you need to be prepared when these scenarios happen. […]

Use HTML Emails to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Email marketing is a very important strategy needed by businesses wanting to further improve their online presence. If you have been sending plain text emails to your list, you might want to think twice about what you are doing and start incorporating designs to your campaigns. Though HTML emails may seem scary,  they are attractive […]

Has Word 2007 Mashed Up Your Email Marketing?

Have you noticed that your Email Marketing piece looks real funny in Outlook 2007? That’s probably because Outlook 2007 now uses Microsoft Word to digest a HTML email. Previous versions of Microsoft Outlook used Internet Explorer to display HTML emails. For email marketers that means that a number of significant HTML features are gone. In Outlook […]

Is SPAM an obsolete concept?

Bizreport published findings from a Q Interactive / Marketing Sherpa report today that show that the general public view of what spam is poles apart from the accepted technical definition of spam. Apparently email users tend to mark anything that they don’t want to receive any more as spam, however the strict technical definition of […]

How can Australian businesses beat a recession?

Here in Australia, some economists have been spinning the yarn that our economy is “decoupled” from the US economy. They would have you think that your business will not be affected by the US recession. However Morgan Stanley economist Gerard Minack set the record straight last week on ABC’s Lateline program. Gerard broke the bad […]

Email Marketing Preview Pane Gallery – The Good Examples

It’s been several years since images started being blocked in the preview pane of your email client, however most email marketers have not yet adapted to the change. Having said that, I’ve put together a gallery of email marketing messages that I have received since we wrote our article on the subject that pass the […]

Email Marketing Preview Pane Gallery – The Bad Examples

Since our recent article on Email Marketing and the Outlook preview pane, I’ve been collecting both good and bad examples of the email marketing that I receive. Unfortunately, the scales are stacked on the bad side. Below are a few examples.  

Email Marketers: Ignore the preview pane at your own risk!

I’m really trying hard to look for email marketers who care about what their email looks like in the preview pane. It’s too easy to find bad examples, and I’m caved into the urge to expose them! So here are the three bad examples that I received today.   If it wasn’t for my recent […]

Email Marketing – Missy keeps it simple

Since I wrote about email marketing and the Outlook preview pane two weeks ago, I’ve been on the lookout for good examples of email marketing. It turns out that Missy Higgins has an email marketing savvy record label. Take a look at the example to the left of the Missy Higgins concert tour email that […]

Email Marketing: What will it look like in the preview pane?

Since Microsoft introduced the image blocking feature in Outlook 2003, the question that every email marketer should be asking is, “What will this email look like in the preview pane?” It’s surprising to find that four years on, we’re still seeing emails like the example to the left. I drew a blank when I saw […]

Email Marketing and SPF

There has always been a clear difference between opt-in email marketing and SPAM. Unfortunately for web marketers, the email SMTP protocol (the language that email servers use to talk to each other) suffers from a complete lack of security. This has made it very difficult for your Internet service provider to tell the difference between 400 messages turning […]