Online Storage and File Sharing Solutions

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Do you use more than one computer and need to share files across them?  How are you currently storing your important documents? Do you share documents with other team members or people outside of your business? Do you have a secure backup service off-site? Are you currently using any of the following to store and […]

Using A Text Expander Can Save You Time

Text Expanding Tool - Texter

I recently discovered a fantastic time saving tool that all you MAC users out there have probably known forever, it’s a text expanding tool. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I couldn’t believe I have only discovered this now. So what does a text expanding tool do? They allow you to define text substitution hotstrings […]

Only geeks will laugh at this…

Okay, this is a little off the conversion rates topic, but it made me laugh. For those who aren’t aware, you will soon have to display a sign like this in your front yard to stop Google from invading your privacy… Go here for more: Does anyone know if the Google Van is in Australia […]

Burn carbs not carbon

In a push to make Bitemark green we’ve developed the “burn carbs not carbon” program. Basically, this involves encouraging the team to ride their bikes to work rather than driving. So far our super-fit general manager Mark Standeven has joined the cause with me. Between us, we are potentially saving up to 2 tonnes of greenhouse […]

Bamboo Floors – A sustainable alternative to Hard Wood

Did you know that Bamboo can grow up to 4 ft in one day? I didn’t until I met Ken and Lyn Acheson at Crikey Bamboo. They’ve been in the flooring business for over 30 years and they introduced us to the concept of Bamboo floors as an alternative to hardwood flooring. What we didn’t know about […]

Bitemark going Carbon Neutral

I’m blogging about going carbon neutral today in the spirit of the Live Earth series of concerts. Caring for our environment is something that I personally am very passionate about. Some of the initiatives that we are implementing to reduce power consumption include: Powering off computers at night Switching to low power consumption servers for our […]