Using QR Codes for B2B Interactions

QR Codes are everywhere and it looks like they’re here to stay. While most companies use QR codes as a B2C tool, they can also be very useful for B2B interactions. If you want to connect your offline and online marketing efforts and communicate with other businesses, below are some tips for using QR codes. […]

Truck signage is a traffic oppportunity

Sure, truck signage is an great opportunity to engage your audience on the road, but what about creating traffic to your website? A recent study* on radio advertising showed that 80% of listeners who heard a relevant radio ad with a web address mentioned in it went on to visit the website. We postulate that […]

Is Google really the end of the Yellow Pages® Directory?

Newt Barret explained an important shift in his blog post today, “Real World Experiment Explains Impending Demise of Yellow Pages” Talking about the Yellow Pages® he says, “Their old slogan, ‘Let your fingers do the walking,’ was all about how easy it was to use the print directory compared to wandering around downtown looking for […]

Yellow Pages® Online – How can you make platinum ads work?

Many of our clients use the Yellow Pages® Directory and the Yellow Pages® Online to generate leads for their businesses. Over the last year we’ve had a chance to to try out the Yellow Pages® Online Platinum Ad concept with our clients. As illustrated below, the Platinum Ad is a group of 3 small ad […]

Customer to Marketer – I Want a Divorce

I was speaking with Copywriter Meri Harley today about how many business marketers seem to have forgotten the very people who made them big… Their customers. It’s manifest in their website copy that is usually laden with self references (We are the leading, We offer blah blah blah). For example have you ever seen a […]

Check your website before running your Radio Advertising Campaign!

I met with John Tellis of last week to talk about his website. Since John’s company has recently been running a highly succesful radio advertising campaign on SEN (Melbourne AM Radio Station 1116), we were interested to see how the website had been performing to support the campaign. John takes web marketing seriously, but […]

Website Rescue – How your Radio Advertising can generate visits to your website and convert them to leads

I had a number of people call me this week to say, “Have you heard this radio ad for ‘Website Rescue’?”  Well, I hadn’t heard the ad, so while I was still on the phone I said, “I’ll go to Google and type in Website Rescue and see what comes up.” I was surprised. There […]

Want an effective website? See your marketing consultant first.

Hiring a marketing consultant can be a smart move. Particularly if you run a business that doesn’t have a marketing department (i.e. most small businesses). Often B2B and professional services companies are created by people who are very good at what they do, but who are not necessarily good at articulating it. Sometimes they struggle to describe […]

Yellow Pages® Ads

I often find myself discussing how to make Yellow Pages® Ads work better with my customers.  Quite a number of our customers invest a lot into their Yellow Pages® Ads, so we have built up quite a bit of experience at generating website leads through Yellow Pages® Ads. I thought I’d share my thoughts on […]

Yellow Pages® advertising Vs Google

Will Google spell the end of the Yellow Pages®? I often hear web techies heralding the end of the Yellow Pages®. The talk is that search engines like Google are going to replace the Yellow Pages® altogether. But before you throw away your Yellow Pages® advertising, consider a few fundamental questions: Is the Yellow Pages® working […]