Is Google really the end of the Yellow Pages® Directory?

The Yellow Pages®

Newt Barret explained an important shift in his blog post today, “Real World Experiment Explains Impending Demise of Yellow Pages” Talking about the Yellow Pages® he says, “Their old slogan, ‘Let your fingers do the walking,’ was all about how easy it was to use the print directory compared to wandering around downtown looking for […]

Yellow Pages® Online – How can you make platinum ads work?

Yellow Pages® Online Platinum Ad Example

Many of our clients use the Yellow Pages® Directory and the Yellow Pages® Online to generate leads for their businesses. Over the last year we’ve had a chance to to try out the Yellow Pages® Online Platinum Ad concept with our clients. As illustrated below, the Platinum Ad is a group of 3 small ad […]

Yellow Pages® Ads

I often find myself discussing how to make Yellow Pages® Ads work better with my customers.  Quite a number of our customers invest a lot into their Yellow Pages® Ads, so we have built up quite a bit of experience at generating website leads through Yellow Pages® Ads. I thought I’d share my thoughts on […]

Yellow Pages® advertising Vs Google

Will Google spell the end of the Yellow Pages®? I often hear web techies heralding the end of the Yellow Pages®. The talk is that search engines like Google are going to replace the Yellow Pages® altogether. But before you throw away your Yellow Pages® advertising, consider a few fundamental questions: Is the Yellow Pages® working […]