Major Landing Page Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing

You should know by now that landing pages are crucial for effective lead generation. But why does it seem like you are not generating leads quite effectively as you’d like to be? You must be doing something wrong. Below are some common mistakes that could be hindering your landing page conversion rates from reaching their […]

Important Steps to Sales Lead Follow-Up

Each inbound sales lead can not only be converted to a customer, but also a satisfied customer who can be the key to a dependable stream of repeat revenue year after year. But how do you convert your sales lead to a satisfied customer? Simple, set-up an effective lead follow-up process. Below are important steps […]

Writing a Powerful Landing Page Copy

Whether it’s writing a new blogpost, creating lead nurturing emails, or creating videos for YouTube, online marketers are master content creators. However, when they think about landing pages, most online marketers make the mistake of jumping right away to making the sale without thinking if their content is appealing enough to their site visitors. Remember […]

Top Pay Per Click (PPC) Myths Busted

Though many marketers are able to fuse their Pay Per Click (PPC) efforts with their organic optimisation efforts quite well, some marketers still cannot balance the two thus relying heavily on paid search traffic to drive visitors and leads to their site. To help put PPC in the right pespective and to help marketers with […]

Conversion Assists: Leveraging The Most Influential Pages of your Site

Understanding your website’s conversion assists can help you identify the most influential pages and interactions that are happening on your website. Simply put, conversion assists are pages on your website which your visitors viewed before they were converted into leads or clients. By analysing your conversion assists data, you get to learn why some of […]

Homepage Makeover: How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

The homepage of your website is your virtual storefront and your face to the world and it is for this reason that you need to have an effective homepage that is capable of turning more visitors into buyers. Quite often though many websites have unknown issues in their homepages that significantly contribute to high bounce […]

Google Launches Its Panda 3.3 Update Along With 40 Other Changes

Google has launched its Panda 3.3 update at the same time it announced its 40 search updates in February. Though it would be impossible to fully discuss all the 40 changes here, it is important to note that  Google is turning off a method of link analysis which they have been using for years. In […]

Encouraging Trust On Your Landing Pages

Are you having trouble converting your visitors to a lead? If you are then one of the areas that you need to improve on is the trust factor of your landing pages (and business in general) especially when it comes to making the sale online (ie. commerce sites). So in order to help your visitors […]

Increase Your Website Subscriber Conversion

One of the best ways to grow your email marketing list is via an optin or subscriber form via your website. As your list (and your relationship with that list) grows, it also becomes one of the most valuable assets you have. So what’s the best way to convert visitors on your website into subscribers […]

Can you produce your website KPIs for me in 10 seconds?

OK, it’s time to come out of my Melbourne winter hibernation with this important question… “Can you produce your website KPIs for me in 10 seconds?” “What are they?” You wouldn’t be alone if you asked that. We recently consulted with the lead generation department of very large Australian business. Interestingly they were unable to […]

Google Website Optimizer is only as good as your ideas

Google Website Optimizer is an awesome tool that allows you to test different versions of your web pages to see which ones work better. Here’s what the Google Website Optimizer home page says about it: Using Website Optimizer to test and optimize site content and design, you can quickly and easily increase revenue and ROI […]

Using online video to increase conversion rates

Can online video boost your conversion rates? Video is becoming an important feature of many websites. Here are a few examples of websites where we’ve used an online video: Digicast –Video Production and Corporate Videos – Melbourne Brick Company – Used discerningly, an online video can increase the chance of a website conversion because it can: […]