Tips On Creating Video Content

If you are a vigilant online marketer, you should now be doing something to popularise your onlinee videos. With the recent Google Panda 3.3 update, Google clearly expressed that it will be improving its video snippets and will now be showing direct links to the most popular videos of YouTube in their search results. If […]

Retention Myth: People remember 50% of what they see and hear and only 10% of what they read.

I received an email this morning that made the startling claim that “People remember 50% of what they see and hear and only 10% of what they read.” Interestingly I read this quote (and for that matter, saw it too) in an email about online video. I’m sure that you have read, seen and heard […]

Customer to Marketer – I Want a Divorce

I was speaking with Copywriter Meri Harley today about how many business marketers seem to have forgotten the very people who made them big… Their customers. It’s manifest in their website copy that is usually laden with self references (We are the leading, We offer blah blah blah). For example have you ever seen a […]

Content is king in web marketing, but what on earth is it?

Ask any company that is successful at web marketing and they will confirm the proclamation, “Content is king! All hail the content!” Although it’s specifically written about website video advertising, this post from SiteProNews “How To Make Web-Advertising Worth Watching” contains some important points that relate to all web content. “It has become an article of faith that the […]

Online Video Production and Corporate Video for websites

Online video is fast becoming a mainstream requirement for website projects. Since we’ve just completed a new website for a video production company, we thought we’d publish our guide to using website video to enhance your online conversion rates. Read more >> If you are looking to include an online video on your website, then […]

Using online video to increase conversion rates

Can online video boost your conversion rates? Video is becoming an important feature of many websites. Here are a few examples of websites where we’ve used an online video: Digicast –Video Production and Corporate Videos – Melbourne Brick Company – Used discerningly, an online video can increase the chance of a website conversion because it can: […]