Stay Away From These 3 Paid Marketing Mistakes

When done properly, paid marketing opportunities can enhance a business’ inbound marketing efforts. Displaying ads, for example, is a good way to promote your business and drive more traffic to your site. Unless you are doing it wrong! If you want to leverage your paid marketing opportunities and use it your advantage, make sure you […]

Top Pay Per Click (PPC) Myths Busted

Though many marketers are able to fuse their Pay Per Click (PPC) efforts with their organic optimisation efforts quite well, some marketers still cannot balance the two thus relying heavily on paid search traffic to drive visitors and leads to their site. To help put PPC in the right pespective and to help marketers with […]

How Your Site Can Get Targeted Traffic Without Relying On Search Engines

Most of the time, if you are not doing it right,  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) does not yield good or favorable results. Though a huge amount of traffic coming from search engines is ideal, search engines are not the only way to drive traffic to your site. Below are some methods on how you can […]

48 Hour Google Listings – Know what you are signing up for!

I received this email today promoting guaranteed listings in Google and Yahoo in 48 hours. I think it’s unfortunate that many people in the search engine marketing industry feel it’s okay to prey on people’s ignorance. I say this because what “getting listed” in Google and Yahoo means in this email is very different to what […]

You have to pay to get into Google right?

“You have to pay to get into Google right?” Too often there is confusion about what’s paid and what’s not in Google. It’s time to set the record straight. Click the image to the left to see which areas of Google are paid and which are non-paid.   The listings that appear with a light yellow background at […]