Tips On Creating Video Content

If you are a vigilant online marketer, you should now be doing something to popularise your onlinee videos. With the recent Google Panda 3.3 update, Google clearly expressed that it will be improving its video snippets and will now be showing direct links to the most popular videos of YouTube in their search results. If […]

How Your Site Can Get Targeted Traffic Without Relying On Search Engines

Most of the time, if you are not doing it right,  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) does not yield good or favorable results. Though a huge amount of traffic coming from search engines is ideal, search engines are not the only way to drive traffic to your site. Below are some methods on how you can […]

SEO Friendly Websites 101

Have you been running an Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign and not noticing much progress? Perhaps, your website is not SEO friendly. Before you embark on any SEO campaign, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your website is built for the search engines. Whether or not your website is new, you […]

Give out prices or build the value equation?

There’s no doubt about it, your customers want to need to know your price. Almost universally customers will tell you that they want to see pricing on your website. As a business owner you need to give them what they want. However, you might need to be a bit smart about how you do it… […]

Do behavorial sytles impact you conversion rates?

Behavioral Styles - Director, Thinker, Socialiser, Relater

There are many theories and models that attempt to categorise the styles of human behaviour. You might have heard of Myer-Briggs, Socionics or DISC. There are many others and they all have their uses. They’re also all based on Carl Jung’s theories of psychological types. Should you apply behavioural models to your website? The reason […]

Catering for different personalities yields a 41.82% Conversion Rate

When I’m researching online I work at a very fast pace. I’ll open 5 websites at once from one Google Search, and if I don’t smell the scent of the information that I’m looking for I’ll close the window fast enough to make your head spin. Many other people work like me too. They’re fast […]

Should You Be Using A Content Management System?

If you’re sick and tired of waiting and paying a fortune for a web designer to update your website, then should you be looking for a content management system (CMS)? I’m sure you’ve heard somebody complaining (maybe even yourself) complained that they are sick of waiting for unreliable web developers each time they want to change […]

Can you produce your website KPIs for me in 10 seconds?

OK, it’s time to come out of my Melbourne winter hibernation with this important question… “Can you produce your website KPIs for me in 10 seconds?” “What are they?” You wouldn’t be alone if you asked that. We recently consulted with the lead generation department of very large Australian business. Interestingly they were unable to […]

Is there such a thing as bad advertising?

If you’re involved in marketing, then you’ll probably have heard about the ABC’s show about advertising, The Gruen Transfer. Last week, comedian and host Will Anderson asked the panel to talk about advertising that backfired on them. According to Russel Howcroft, MD of Ad Agency George Patterson’s Y&R, All advertising works, it’s just a matter […]

Retention Myth: People remember 50% of what they see and hear and only 10% of what they read.

I received an email this morning that made the startling claim that “People remember 50% of what they see and hear and only 10% of what they read.” Interestingly I read this quote (and for that matter, saw it too) in an email about online video. I’m sure that you have read, seen and heard […]

Real Testimonials – Not Blind Faith


Do people believe that the testimonials on your website are real? We often hear people express the view that testimonials on websites are contrived or made up. Sometimes with good reason. Let me make one thing clear: Made up testimonials do not belong in professional web marketing. In this “Web 2.0″ world of fast customer […]

Is shipping costing you sales? – How to boost your conversion rates with shipping

Is shipping a mystery on your online shopping website? Lack of clarity around shipping is one of the biggest conversion killers in eCommerce. Fortunately there are some simple conversion techniques that you can use to stem the flow of lost orders caused by shipping mystery. Let’s start with the basics: Detail your shipping policy Link […]

The 7 Keys of High Conversion Lead Generation Websites – Part 2

This is part 2 of our article on The 7 Keys of High Conversion Lead Generation Websites. Key 5 :- Design for conversion A website that is designed for conversion will be: Easy to read – why do so many designers hate words? I say that because so many of them try to hide your […]

How can Australian businesses beat a recession?

Here in Australia, some economists have been spinning the yarn that our economy is “decoupled” from the US economy. They would have you think that your business will not be affected by the US recession. However Morgan Stanley economist Gerard Minack set the record straight last week on ABC’s Lateline program. Gerard broke the bad […]

The 7 Keys of High Conversion Lead Generation Websites – Part 1

Why do some websites generate leads better than others? Having developed a number of lead generation websites that convert over 20% of visits into enquiries, we know that asking this question is a big step in the right direction. In several years of striving to improve lead generation website conversion rates we’ve come up with […]

Piano Removalist Blasts Off With Huge Conversion Rates

Piano Removalists – Network Piano Carriers – entered the online removals world late last year with their first website. To their great credit, this highly professional piano removals company systematically measures the outcome of everything – especially their marketing activity. Google rankings can be hard to achieve if you’ve never had a website before. Many […]

eCommerce Website Benchmark – What is a visit worth to you?

One of the simplest metrics that you can use to benchmark your eCommerce website is the dollar value of a visit. Often this metric is called “Revenue Per Visit,” but I just find that it feels better if you put the $ sign in front of it. It’s an emotional thing. If your currency is not […]

Truck signage is a traffic oppportunity

Van Signage - Using Web Address

Sure, truck signage is an great opportunity to engage your audience on the road, but what about creating traffic to your website? A recent study* on radio advertising showed that 80% of listeners who heard a relevant radio ad with a web address mentioned in it went on to visit the website. We postulate that […]

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

We’ve been working with the translators at Meaningful Exchange, helping with their email marketing for a little over a year now. We recently launched a new website targeting companies that are needing translation of their company documents and marketing material. What we’ve learned is that translation is not as simple as it seems. Whilst Moore’s […]

Real Example: How can I generate more leads for “Development Loans”

MacLean Finance - Development Loans Page

I was meeting with William MacLean from McLean Finance today and we found that his website is on page one in Google for the term “Development Loans.” He’s been getting a number of leads through his site for Development Loans and it’s an area that he specialises in. So the question is, “How can we […]

Lessons in Customer Service from an Acoustic Guitar Shop

Maton EBG808C Michael Fix Custom Acoustic Guitar from Acoustic Centre

One of my personal goals for 2008 is to get a new acoustic guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for about 3 years now and I love it. Now that I can hear the difference, I’ve decided that it’s time to get a new, more refined acoustic guitar. I’ve had many different experiences in Music shops. […]

Web 2.0 Hype Busted by Jakob Nielsen

Through the haze of excitement about Web 2.0 Jakob Nielsen has articulated what serious web marketing people have been saying for a long time. Get Web 1.0 right before thinking about Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is a popular term that refers to things that encourage sharing and community between users. Think Youtube, FaceBook, MySpace, Linked In et al. Think user […]

Customer to Marketer – I Want a Divorce

I was speaking with Copywriter Meri Harley today about how many business marketers seem to have forgotten the very people who made them big… Their customers. It’s manifest in their website copy that is usually laden with self references (We are the leading, We offer blah blah blah). For example have you ever seen a […]

Part 1: The Copywriting Formula for Business Websites

“We are the leading provider of …” Would you like a dollar for every time you’ve read that on a business website? On many business websites, copywriting like this is common. Do all these companies suffer from self esteem so low that they need to pump up their tyres? I think and hope that there’s a better answer. I […]

Email Marketers: Ignore the preview pane at your own risk!

Chaos Music - Email Marketing - Preview Pane without images

I’m really trying hard to look for email marketers who care about what their email looks like in the preview pane. It’s too easy to find bad examples, and I’m caved into the urge to expose them! So here are the three bad examples that I received today.   If it wasn’t for my recent […]

eCommerce Websites – What do you need to maximise conversion rates?


Ever wondered what it takes to get the most out of your eCommerce website conversion rates? Well, let’s start with the basics. You must give your website visitors all of the information that they require to make a purchase. Seem simple? A good eCommerce system and good information are the first steps to maximising your eCommerce website […]

Email Marketing – Missy keeps it simple

Email Marketing Example - JPG Media

Since I wrote about email marketing and the Outlook preview pane two weeks ago, I’ve been on the lookout for good examples of email marketing. It turns out that Missy Higgins has an email marketing savvy record label. Take a look at the example to the left of the Missy Higgins concert tour email that […]

It’s NOT the content management system that matters… It IS the content!

If you’re sick and tired of waiting and paying a fortune for a web designer to update your website, then should you be looking for a content management system? Here’s a scenario that was recently described by Platform Interactive (Makers of a proprietary Content Management System) boss David Barnes of : “The customer gets sick […]

Pointless Website Polls – Have your say!

Web Polls Example

Have you ever seen a website poll like this one? I can’t remember where I found it, but it’s a little embarrassing don’t you think? Online polls are often sold as one of the “whiz bang” reasons that you need a content management system. The sales person will say something like,  “An online poll helps build a sense of community.” Intangible concepts […]

Using LivePerson to Boost Conversion Rates

Live Person Chat - On Hold with HP!

I’ve had two completely opposite experiences this week with LivePerson chats. LivePerson is a software package that allows you to chat with your website visitors (like instant messaging). Used well, as we saw in a recent conversion rate study that we conducted for US based online boot retailer, LivePerson is an awesome website conversion tool. […]

Email Marketing: What will it look like in the preview pane?

Email Marketing and the Preview Pane

Since Microsoft introduced the image blocking feature in Outlook 2003, the question that every email marketer should be asking is, “What will this email look like in the preview pane?” It’s surprising to find that four years on, we’re still seeing emails like the example to the left. I drew a blank when I saw […]

Fort Knox expands Melbourne Self Storage

Melbourne Self Storage - Fort Knox Self Storage

I recently met with the team at Fort Knox in their Melbourne Self Storage facility. In the last 2 years with Fort Knox we’ve managed to have the website overtake the Yellow Pages® as the number 2 lead source for new customers. It’s now the number two lead source behind word of mouth referral (as it should be […]

48 Hour Google Listings – Know what you are signing up for!

48 Hour Google Listing

I received this email today promoting guaranteed listings in Google and Yahoo in 48 hours. I think it’s unfortunate that many people in the search engine marketing industry feel it’s okay to prey on people’s ignorance. I say this because what “getting listed” in Google and Yahoo means in this email is very different to what […]

Cool flash websites – Impress or Convert?

Most people who have worked with us know that we’re not a big fan of “cool flash websites” for businesses. Well, we don’t apply this rule to everyone. There are some professions where being cool really is everything. For instance, you’re probably too cool for school (i.e. you need a cool flash website) if you’re a: Rock band or […]

What’s the big deal about getting into Google?

Much of the focus of Australian website owners is still on search engine optimisation and getting into Google. Because we haven’t moved past this, Australian businesses risk lagging behind on creating websites that really satisfy their customers. Because our website is well ranked in Google for terms like “web traffic”, we regularly get calls and emails […]

Check your website before running your Radio Advertising Campaign!

I met with John Tellis of last week to talk about his website. Since John’s company has recently been running a highly succesful radio advertising campaign on SEN (Melbourne AM Radio Station 1116), we were interested to see how the website had been performing to support the campaign. John takes web marketing seriously, but […]

Website Rescue – How your Radio Advertising can generate visits to your website and convert them to leads

Website Rescue - Google Results

I had a number of people call me this week to say, “Have you heard this radio ad for ‘Website Rescue’?”  Well, I hadn’t heard the ad, so while I was still on the phone I said, “I’ll go to Google and type in Website Rescue and see what comes up.” I was surprised. There […]

Want an effective website? See your marketing consultant first.

Hiring a marketing consultant can be a smart move. Particularly if you run a business that doesn’t have a marketing department (i.e. most small businesses). Often B2B and professional services companies are created by people who are very good at what they do, but who are not necessarily good at articulating it. Sometimes they struggle to describe […]

Are long URLs a turn off?

Long URLs

According to the Marketing Sherpa Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008 long URLs are on the nose. “What we discovered was that long URLs actually work as a deterrent and stop viewers from doing what they’re supposed to do (click!). Instead, viewers spend time trying to decipher what’s in the URL itself. Those viewing the listing […]

Conversion rate review – Metal finishes website

We recently conducted a conversion rate review on a website for a company that creates metal finishes for non metal objects such as doors, signs and other building elements. To introduce our readers to how a conversion rate review works, we thought we’d publish a brief summary of our conversion rate review. Client: Metalcote Pty Ltd Website Objectives: […]

The search engine keyword challenge – Can your website copy make sense?

Getting your search engine keywords into the right places in your website copy doesn’t always come easily. We’re working on a website at the moment whose keywords include the terms “life planning” and “life plan.” The trouble with those terms is that they are searched on fairly frequently by the target market of our client.  However, […]

Conversion rates – The basics

In this article on Clickz, Bryan Eisenberg of Future Now discusses the basics of conversion rates. It’s interesting to note that for all of the technical wizardry that you can use to optimise the conversion rates of your web pages, the basics are still as relevant as ever. Some of the basics that Bryan identified in the […]

You have to pay to get into Google right?

Google Adwords or Organic?

“You have to pay to get into Google right?” Too often there is confusion about what’s paid and what’s not in Google. It’s time to set the record straight. Click the image to the left to see which areas of Google are paid and which are non-paid.   The listings that appear with a light yellow background at […]

We’re number one in Google for number one in Google :-)


Every business that takes web marketing seriously wants to be number one in Google. So we recently published this page – Number one in Google: The Secret Techniques that will get you there! Now we like having a bit of fun at Bitemark and we’re not going to publish anything on this blog that we’re not […]

Franchise websites – Are franchises missing the web marketing boat?

We’ve spoken to many franchises about their websites in our travels and have come to the conclusion that franchises are sitting on the biggest opportunity in web marketing today. In the trenches, the potential of the franchise model is the ability to connect the personal interest, service and ownership of local business owners and a big brand […]

Email Marketing and SPF

There has always been a clear difference between opt-in email marketing and SPAM. Unfortunately for web marketers, the email SMTP protocol (the language that email servers use to talk to each other) suffers from a complete lack of security. This has made it very difficult for your Internet service provider to tell the difference between 400 messages turning […]

Content is king in web marketing, but what on earth is it?

Ask any company that is successful at web marketing and they will confirm the proclamation, “Content is king! All hail the content!” Although it’s specifically written about website video advertising, this post from SiteProNews “How To Make Web-Advertising Worth Watching” contains some important points that relate to all web content. “It has become an article of faith that the […]

Web marketing – The easy way to select a company to market your business on the web…

If you’re looking for an easy way to identify a web marketing company that can help you to achieve an effective working website, then take a look at their home page. Do they talk in terms of you, their potential customer? Or do they talk about themselves? The answer to that question will tell you how much […]

Getting to the top of Google takes more than techniques

There was an interesting article from Dan Skeen in the Age yesterday about Google, Search Engine Optimisation, black hats, white hats and Matt Cutts… If you want to know what any of those things are, read the article here. The following particularly interesting quote from the article highlights the subject of our recent post on […]

Online selling and international orders

One of the fantastic things about the internet is that selling online has enabled many small businesses to access international markets. At the Small Business Expo in Melbourne last weekend I listened to a talk by William Mulholland from McMahons Lawyers regarding some of the legal issues that face small businesses. It got me thinking about the risks […]

Tablet PC’s – Has the next generation laptop slipped in the back door?

I’ve been a user of Tablet PC’s for about 5 years now. Yes, I had one of the really bad version 1.0 Tablets. For those of you who don’t know what a Tablet PC is, essentially it’s a laptop that you can write on with a pen. Some of the bonuses that come with using a […]

Selling is not telling – Ask questions

Wayne Berry of Top Gun Business Academy taught me that “selling is not telling.” Over the past 5 years I’ve learnt an enormous amount from Wayne about selling.  One of the fundamental keys to professional sales is to be more interested in your customers than yourself. Seems basic right? It still shocks me how many sales […]

Lead generation – Can you ever have enough leads?

If you’re not generating leads from your marketing well, then this question is a no brainer. If your marketing is working well, you may be comfortable that you’re generating enough leads. However, if you are getting lots of leads but you’re experiencing problems with customers and profits, then you might want to think about this. There is […]

Web Marketing = Branding, Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Lead Generation?

So what does it take to create an effective web marketing website? Our experience shows that it takes a range of expertise from fields such as: Branding Web Design Web Development Web Copywriting Sales Strategy Search Engine Optimisation Lead Generation I always wonder why “web designer” became the term that many people associate with creating […]

Copywriting – A thousand words is worth a picture

What’s more important, the copywriting or the design of your website? Don’t get me wrong, web design is very important. A bad web design turns people off and reflects poorly on your brand. However, the more important yet often forgotten part of any web marketing project is the copywriting of your website. Good copywriting includes: Well constructed […]

Web Marketing and Business Blogging

Business Blogging has become a very integral part of the web marketing mix. It’s been a huge trend with companies like Microsoft and Google maintaining company and staff blogs. We’ve also seen many small businesses use blogging to great advantage. After years of sitting watching this trend we’ve finally dived in and we’re already seeing […]

Web Design – Visual Impact for SME websites?

Often the first place that SME businesses go to for a website is a web designer. The question to ask is whether it’s more important that your website is designed: For visual impact, or To demonstrate how you can solve your customers problems? The answer you choose for that question could have a significant impact on your […]

Lead Generation meets the Content Management System

Our company works exclusively on websites that are designed to generate leads and make sales for B2B and B2C companies. Most often, when we are competing for business we are competing against a company that is offering little more that a content management system and a template. The question that we ask is, “do you need […]

Domain Names – How to choose

Many companies tend to think of their website as a singular entity. As websites continue to become more central to the marketing process, it’s time to thing strategically about having more than one website and more than one domain name. If your company does not have its own portfolio of domain names, then it may […]

Web statistics

Having run a web hosting and web marketing business for a number of years, I’ve evaluated quite a few web statistics packages. What I’ve found is that it can be hard to get real, useful data from web stats packages. So if you’re wondering what we recommend for web statistics, read this article.  

Yellow Pages® Ads

I often find myself discussing how to make Yellow Pages® Ads work better with my customers.  Quite a number of our customers invest a lot into their Yellow Pages® Ads, so we have built up quite a bit of experience at generating website leads through Yellow Pages® Ads. I thought I’d share my thoughts on […]