Piano Removalist Blasts Off With Huge Conversion Rates

Piano Removalists – Network Piano Carriers – entered the online removals world late last year with their first website. To their great credit, this highly professional piano removals company systematically measures the outcome of everything – especially their marketing activity. Google rankings can be hard to achieve if you’ve never had a website before. Many […]

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

We’ve been working with the translators at Meaningful Exchange, helping with their email marketing for a little over a year now. We recently launched a new website targeting companies that are needing translation of their company documents and marketing material. What we’ve learned is that translation is not as simple as it seems. Whilst Moore’s […]

Fort Knox expands Melbourne Self Storage

Melbourne Self Storage - Fort Knox Self Storage

I recently met with the team at Fort Knox in their Melbourne Self Storage facility. In the last 2 years with Fort Knox we’ve managed to have the website overtake the Yellow Pages® as the number 2 lead source for new customers. It’s now the number two lead source behind word of mouth referral (as it should be […]

Want an effective website? See your marketing consultant first.

Hiring a marketing consultant can be a smart move. Particularly if you run a business that doesn’t have a marketing department (i.e. most small businesses). Often B2B and professional services companies are created by people who are very good at what they do, but who are not necessarily good at articulating it. Sometimes they struggle to describe […]

Tablet PC’s – Has the next generation laptop slipped in the back door?

I’ve been a user of Tablet PC’s for about 5 years now. Yes, I had one of the really bad version 1.0 Tablets. For those of you who don’t know what a Tablet PC is, essentially it’s a laptop that you can write on with a pen. Some of the bonuses that come with using a […]

Bamboo Floors – A sustainable alternative to Hard Wood

Did you know that Bamboo can grow up to 4 ft in one day? I didn’t until I met Ken and Lyn Acheson at Crikey Bamboo. They’ve been in the flooring business for over 30 years and they introduced us to the concept of Bamboo floors as an alternative to hardwood flooring. What we didn’t know about […]

Mag Wheels – New and Used in Victoria

Canterbury Tyres are specialists in new and used mag wheels. At their 3 retail sites in the Melbourne suburbs they house the largest collection of second hand and rare wheels in Australia. If you’re looking for a rare wheel, a part set or wheels for a classic car, then the chances are that Canterbury Tyres have them in stock. They […]

Online Video Production and Corporate Video for websites

Online video is fast becoming a mainstream requirement for website projects. Since we’ve just completed a new website for a video production company, we thought we’d publish our guide to using website video to enhance your online conversion rates. Read more >> If you are looking to include an online video on your website, then […]

Self Storage Success Story

The thing that has always impressed me most about Fort Knox Self Storage is how well they approach marketing. From our first meeting it was clear that they had a very accurate picture of how effective every part of their marketing was. Because of this, Fort Knox Self Storage has been one of our greatest success […]

Silver, Amber and Costume Jewellery

Tanjable Expressions is an online retailer of Silver, Amber and Costume Jewellery based in Melbourne. To start from scratch with a new online shopping website is a significant challenge. Some of the issues that you’ll face include: Getting a new website indexed by Google and found by potential customers Creating and managing content Building trust with […]