Producing Engaging Content for “Boring” Industries

How interesting is your content? According to a recent study, almost 40% of B2B marketers cite create content that’s neither provocative nor engaging. Just because your industry is boring does not mean you cannot produce a content that is worth reading. Below are ways on how you can create interesting content from boring industries. Be […]

Types of Unique Content You Should Try

You should know by now that you need to regularly produce content if you want to be successful with inbound marketing. This where the problem of getting into a content rut comes in. Let’s face it, you don’t want to produce the same types of content over and over again. You will bore your readers […]

Proven Ways to Increase Your Blog Subcribers

Don’t get so caught producing quality content that you tend to neglect how to grow your existing subscriber base. Remember that the more subscribers you get to have, the wider you expand the top of your funnel. Below are some tips on how you can further attract more blog subscribers. Promote Your ‘About Us’ Page […]

Shameless Marketing Techniques to Engange Your Visitors

Are you having a hard time grabbing the attention of your visitors? Below are some shameless marketing tactics you can apply to your marketing and advertising efforts to get your visitors engaging with your content. It’s completely up to you if you want to implement these tactics but it will certainly help you improve your […]

Important Places You are Forgetting to Add Calls To Action

Does your landing page offers a high conversion rate but very few actual leads? Well there is a huge chance that content is not your problem but rather how you are promoting your offers. Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are very important part of your offers. If you are having traffic generation problems for your landing pages then […]

Solving Prospects’ Problems Through Marketing

Are you having problems converting your prospects into customers? If yes, then you probably need to rethink your marketing strategy and make sure you provide answers and solutions to your customers’ problems. This post will give you plenty of ideas to implement which will make your marketing more solution-oriented. Create How To Blog Content Blogging […]

How to Boost Your Blog Subscribers

It’s not uncommon to get caught up in producing content for your business blog and forget about the other important factors that lead to a successful blog. One these factors is increasing your subscriber base. Unfortunately, too many bloggers do not realise the importance of growing their subscribers base. But the fact of the matter […]

Tips to Keep Your Blog Content Interesting and Varied

There are several things you can do to give your business blog a boost. When you first started out with your blog, your primary concern is to produce original and quality content on a regular basis. However, after a few months of regularly producing and publishing content and attracting readership, it can be beneficial if […]

Word Count Does Not Matter

Good business blogging is not about the number of words used, it’s about writing compelling content and optimising the written content for mobile use. Let’s break down some of the reasons why word count in business blogging is unimportant and let’s discuss the more important things we should be focusing on for our blog. Word […]

How Your Site Can Get Targeted Traffic Without Relying On Search Engines

Most of the time, if you are not doing it right,  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) does not yield good or favorable results. Though a huge amount of traffic coming from search engines is ideal, search engines are not the only way to drive traffic to your site. Below are some methods on how you can […]

Top Reasons Why Your Company Blog is Failing to Bring In Leads

Over the last years, business blogging has really taken off and while some businesses are succeeding with their blogging efforts, some do not. So why isn’t your blog bringing in leads? It Is Not All About Your Company Try to notice that the type of posts you are writing and see if you have been […]

Web Marketing and Business Blogging

Business Blogging has become a very integral part of the web marketing mix. It’s been a huge trend with companies like Microsoft and Google maintaining company and staff blogs. We’ve also seen many small businesses use blogging to great advantage. After years of sitting watching this trend we’ve finally dived in and we’re already seeing […]

Business Blogging

Blogging for business is one of the most interesting trends emerging on the web.  Whilst I was initially sceptical, I’ve discovered an order of benefits for business blogging. Business Blogging gives you the ability to: Develop and hone your writing skills and that of your staff – Marketing has truly entered the Information Age and blogging is about […]