Solving Prospects’ Problems Through Marketing

Are you having problems converting your prospects into customers? If yes, then you probably need to rethink your marketing strategy and make sure you provide answers and solutions to your customers’ problems. This post will give you plenty of ideas to implement which will make your marketing more solution-oriented. Create How To Blog Content Blogging […]

Major Landing Page Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing

You should know by now that landing pages are crucial for effective lead generation. But why does it seem like you are not generating leads quite effectively as you’d like to be? You must be doing something wrong. Below are some common mistakes that could be hindering your landing page conversion rates from reaching their […]

Characteristics of A Winning Social Media Presence

Though social media optimisation is a bit overwhelming for beginners, it’s not really. You may want to consult this list we have created to make sure your online presence across all networks cover these best practices. Even if you are not new to the social media marketing game, you may also want to do a […]

Stay Away From These 3 Paid Marketing Mistakes

When done properly, paid marketing opportunities can enhance a business’ inbound marketing efforts. Displaying ads, for example, is a good way to promote your business and drive more traffic to your site. Unless you are doing it wrong! If you want to leverage your paid marketing opportunities and use it your advantage, make sure you […]

Word Count Does Not Matter

Good business blogging is not about the number of words used, it’s about writing compelling content and optimising the written content for mobile use. Let’s break down some of the reasons why word count in business blogging is unimportant and let’s discuss the more important things we should be focusing on for our blog. Word […]

Google to Penalise Over-Optimised Sites

Google announced a new tweak in their algorithm coming out shortly. According to their recent announcement, Google will start punishing sites that are over-optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Below are the things you need to know about the new Google algorithm update. Will Level The Playing Field This update will certainly level the playing […]

Writing a Powerful Landing Page Copy

Whether it’s writing a new blogpost, creating lead nurturing emails, or creating videos for YouTube, online marketers are master content creators. However, when they think about landing pages, most online marketers make the mistake of jumping right away to making the sale without thinking if their content is appealing enough to their site visitors. Remember […]

Top Reasons Why Your Company Blog is Failing to Bring In Leads

Over the last years, business blogging has really taken off and while some businesses are succeeding with their blogging efforts, some do not. So why isn’t your blog bringing in leads? It Is Not All About Your Company Try to notice that the type of posts you are writing and see if you have been […]

Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

We all know that a picture can be worth a thousand words, but it’s not always the case. Words are the most fundamental blocks of our communication. To prove this Jeff Sexton at Future Now asked, “What happens when you take the words away?” Jeff used the website to suck out all of the […]

Customer to Marketer – I Want a Divorce

I was speaking with Copywriter Meri Harley today about how many business marketers seem to have forgotten the very people who made them big… Their customers. It’s manifest in their website copy that is usually laden with self references (We are the leading, We offer blah blah blah). For example have you ever seen a […]

Part 1: The Copywriting Formula for Business Websites

“We are the leading provider of …” Would you like a dollar for every time you’ve read that on a business website? On many business websites, copywriting like this is common. Do all these companies suffer from self esteem so low that they need to pump up their tyres? I think and hope that there’s a better answer. I […]

Part 2: The Copywriting Formula for Business Websites

So what is the formula for writing great website copy for your business website? Well, let’s cover the basics. Good copywriting addresses each of the following five questions. 1. Who is the customer?   When a prospective customer lands on your web page, they should be saying, “This is for me!” You help them to this conclusion by […]

The search engine keyword challenge – Can your website copy make sense?

Getting your search engine keywords into the right places in your website copy doesn’t always come easily. We’re working on a website at the moment whose keywords include the terms “life planning” and “life plan.” The trouble with those terms is that they are searched on fairly frequently by the target market of our client.  However, […]

Web marketing – The easy way to select a company to market your business on the web…

If you’re looking for an easy way to identify a web marketing company that can help you to achieve an effective working website, then take a look at their home page. Do they talk in terms of you, their potential customer? Or do they talk about themselves? The answer to that question will tell you how much […]

Copywriting – A thousand words is worth a picture

What’s more important, the copywriting or the design of your website? Don’t get me wrong, web design is very important. A bad web design turns people off and reflects poorly on your brand. However, the more important yet often forgotten part of any web marketing project is the copywriting of your website. Good copywriting includes: Well constructed […]

Copywriting – Get your message through

Copywriting is by far the most imporant element of creating your website. People come to your website to find out what you have to offer and what you have to say. And yet strangely, copywriting is often left out of website projects altogether. Why is it that copywriting is so undervalued on the web? I believe that some of […]

WIIFM: The most important question to ask about your marketing

Back in 2001, Bryan Eisenberg wrote this interesting article about WIIFM. “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM) is a question that still seems to be forgotten in many web marketing projects. I say that because I’m staggered by the number of websites that I find that start out with a sentence like this on their […]

Supplemental Results – Google’s second division

If pages of your site have disappeared from searches on Google, chances are they might have been relegated to Google supplemental results index. Why do web pages fall into Google’s supplemental results? Here are the most likely reasons: The content of the page is a close duplicate of another page in Google’s main index There are not […]