Important Metrics Each Marketer Should Know

All marketers know the importance of metrics. Why? Simply put, metrics help marketers set goals and track progress and data to confirm if they did a good job or not. By digging into the metrics and the results, marketers will understand what worked well and what didn’t and then learn from it. If you are […]

Web Ranking Software Review


Advanced Web Ranking Review What do you use to monitor your rankings in the search engines? We have been using AWR seo software (AWR) and we use it on a daily basis to track our clients and also our own keyword rankings. The program is really easy for all or our team to use which is a […]

Web statistics – search for the truth in your website’s statistics

Web statistics are the cause of a lot of confusion in business. There are questions that arise like: What web statistics package should you use? What are the important statistics to look for? How can you verify that they are accurate? If you’re relying on the web statistics package that your web host provided for you, […]