Tips for SEO International Marketing

Do you cater to businesses that have an international audience? As a marketer, how do you properly optimise their sites to reach international markets? Our tips below should be able to help you rework your existing strategies and focus on the more important ones that will establish your client’s international presence. Signal The Right Language […]

Important Metrics Each Marketer Should Know

All marketers know the importance of metrics. Why? Simply put, metrics help marketers set goals and track progress and data to confirm if they did a good job or not. By digging into the metrics and the results, marketers will understand what worked well and what didn’t and then learn from it. If you are […]

Just Say NO to Black Hat SEO

Be warned if you are delving into the dark art of Black Hat SEO as it will eventually come back and bite you in the you know what! The worst thing you can do as an Internet marketer is to play dirty Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tricks, AKA Black Hat techniques. If you are being […]

Google Maps – Local Business Listings – Is your business on the Google Map?

Last year, Google Maps quickly became the number one online map directory service in Australia, surpassing Did you know that you can put your business on the Google Map? If you haven’t yet done so, head over to Google’s Local Business Center to list your business. The Local Business Center allows you to add your […]

Microsoft’s Live Search Has a Huge Size Problem

A number of our clients have noticed that their websites have completely dropped out of Microsoft’s Live Search Engine recently. It was first brought to my attention by Gavin Hodges from Flexitank in early October 2007. Whilst the Flexitank websites receive a lot of traffic from Google searches like “4wd tanks“, “pillow tanks” and “marker buoys,” […]

48 Hour Google Listings – Know what you are signing up for!

I received this email today promoting guaranteed listings in Google and Yahoo in 48 hours. I think it’s unfortunate that many people in the search engine marketing industry feel it’s okay to prey on people’s ignorance. I say this because what “getting listed” in Google and Yahoo means in this email is very different to what […]

Website Rescue – How your Radio Advertising can generate visits to your website and convert them to leads

I had a number of people call me this week to say, “Have you heard this radio ad for ‘Website Rescue’?”  Well, I hadn’t heard the ad, so while I was still on the phone I said, “I’ll go to Google and type in Website Rescue and see what comes up.” I was surprised. There […]

Are long URLs a turn off?

According to the Marketing Sherpa Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008 long URLs are on the nose. “What we discovered was that long URLs actually work as a deterrent and stop viewers from doing what they’re supposed to do (click!). Instead, viewers spend time trying to decipher what’s in the URL itself. Those viewing the listing […]

The search engine keyword challenge – Can your website copy make sense?

Getting your search engine keywords into the right places in your website copy doesn’t always come easily. We’re working on a website at the moment whose keywords include the terms “life planning” and “life plan.” The trouble with those terms is that they are searched on fairly frequently by the target market of our client.  However, […]

You have to pay to get into Google right?

“You have to pay to get into Google right?” Too often there is confusion about what’s paid and what’s not in Google. It’s time to set the record straight. Click the image to the left to see which areas of Google are paid and which are non-paid.   The listings that appear with a light yellow background at […]

We’re number one in Google for number one in Google :-)

Every business that takes web marketing seriously wants to be number one in Google. So we recently published this page – Number one in Google: The Secret Techniques that will get you there! Now we like having a bit of fun at Bitemark and we’re not going to publish anything on this blog that we’re not […]

Getting to the top of Google takes more than techniques

There was an interesting article from Dan Skeen in the Age yesterday about Google, Search Engine Optimisation, black hats, white hats and Matt Cutts… If you want to know what any of those things are, read the article here. The following particularly interesting quote from the article highlights the subject of our recent post on […]

Google Listing Guarantee

I recently wrote a page about guaranteed Google listings that went straight to the top of Google. I’ve been taken aback by the response that it generated. If you are looking for a company that can guarantee to get your website listed in Google and more importantly to get it listed under search terms that will generate […]

Beware the Google Guaranteed Listing!

We often encounter web companies that guarantee to get your site listed in Google, but what does it actually mean? Most of the guarantees that we’ve seen are incredibly vague. Read the following article before you choose a company to help you get your site listed in Google >>.  

Domain Names – How to choose

Many companies tend to think of their website as a singular entity. As websites continue to become more central to the marketing process, it’s time to thing strategically about having more than one website and more than one domain name. If your company does not have its own portfolio of domain names, then it may […]

Google’s Supplemental Results

The chances are that at some time, some of your web pages of your website will be relegated to Google’s supplemental results index. This page discusses: Some of the reasons that your web page  might end up in the supplemental results How to check if your any of your website is in the supplemental index What […]