Important Metrics Each Marketer Should Know

All marketers know the importance of metrics. Why? Simply put, metrics help marketers set goals and track progress and data to confirm if they did a good job or not. By digging into the metrics and the results, marketers will understand what worked well and what didn’t and then learn from it. If you are […]

Encouraging Trust On Your Landing Pages

Are you having trouble converting your visitors to a lead? If you are then one of the areas that you need to improve on is the trust factor of your landing pages (and business in general) especially when it comes to making the sale online (ie. commerce sites). So in order to help your visitors […]

Can you produce your website KPIs for me in 10 seconds?

OK, it’s time to come out of my Melbourne winter hibernation with this important question… “Can you produce your website KPIs for me in 10 seconds?” “What are they?” You wouldn’t be alone if you asked that. We recently consulted with the lead generation department of very large Australian business. Interestingly they were unable to […]

41.82% Conversion Rate for Piano Removalists


We’re happy to say that we’ve set a new conversion rate record for our lead generation websites – 41.82%. That means that for every 100 people that visit this page, at least 41 of them will complete and submit this form. Why is this page converting so well? Here’s a couple of reasons: It’s a […]

How can Australian businesses beat a recession?

Here in Australia, some economists have been spinning the yarn that our economy is “decoupled” from the US economy. They would have you think that your business will not be affected by the US recession. However Morgan Stanley economist Gerard Minack set the record straight last week on ABC’s Lateline program. Gerard broke the bad […]

Real Example: How can I generate more leads for “Development Loans”

MacLean Finance - Development Loans Page

I was meeting with William MacLean from McLean Finance today and we found that his website is on page one in Google for the term “Development Loans.” He’s been getting a number of leads through his site for Development Loans and it’s an area that he specialises in. So the question is, “How can we […]

Lessons in Customer Service from an Acoustic Guitar Shop

Maton EBG808C Michael Fix Custom Acoustic Guitar from Acoustic Centre

One of my personal goals for 2008 is to get a new acoustic guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for about 3 years now and I love it. Now that I can hear the difference, I’ve decided that it’s time to get a new, more refined acoustic guitar. I’ve had many different experiences in Music shops. […]

Web 2.0 Hype Busted by Jakob Nielsen

Through the haze of excitement about Web 2.0 Jakob Nielsen has articulated what serious web marketing people have been saying for a long time. Get Web 1.0 right before thinking about Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is a popular term that refers to things that encourage sharing and community between users. Think Youtube, FaceBook, MySpace, Linked In et al. Think user […]

Cool flash websites – Impress or Convert?

Most people who have worked with us know that we’re not a big fan of “cool flash websites” for businesses. Well, we don’t apply this rule to everyone. There are some professions where being cool really is everything. For instance, you’re probably too cool for school (i.e. you need a cool flash website) if you’re a: Rock band or […]

Website Rescue – How your Radio Advertising can generate visits to your website and convert them to leads

Website Rescue - Google Results

I had a number of people call me this week to say, “Have you heard this radio ad for ‘Website Rescue’?”  Well, I hadn’t heard the ad, so while I was still on the phone I said, “I’ll go to Google and type in Website Rescue and see what comes up.” I was surprised. There […]

eCommerce Website Search – 10 rules to better search results and higher eCommerce conversion rates

eCommerce Website Search -

A simple way to boost your eCommerce website’s conversion rate is to make sure your visitors can actually find what they’re looking for. It’s highly likely that a visitor to your site will use your website’s search tool to do that. Seems simple right? Well, in researching this topic we found that the simple things sometimes slip through the cracks. A review of […]

Conversion rate review – Metal finishes website

We recently conducted a conversion rate review on a website for a company that creates metal finishes for non metal objects such as doors, signs and other building elements. To introduce our readers to how a conversion rate review works, we thought we’d publish a brief summary of our conversion rate review. Client: Metalcote Pty Ltd Website Objectives: […]

Conversion rates – The basics

In this article on Clickz, Bryan Eisenberg of Future Now discusses the basics of conversion rates. It’s interesting to note that for all of the technical wizardry that you can use to optimise the conversion rates of your web pages, the basics are still as relevant as ever. Some of the basics that Bryan identified in the […]

Content is king in web marketing, but what on earth is it?

Ask any company that is successful at web marketing and they will confirm the proclamation, “Content is king! All hail the content!” Although it’s specifically written about website video advertising, this post from SiteProNews “How To Make Web-Advertising Worth Watching” contains some important points that relate to all web content. “It has become an article of faith that the […]

Web marketing – The easy way to select a company to market your business on the web…

If you’re looking for an easy way to identify a web marketing company that can help you to achieve an effective working website, then take a look at their home page. Do they talk in terms of you, their potential customer? Or do they talk about themselves? The answer to that question will tell you how much […]

Online Video Production and Corporate Video for websites

Online video is fast becoming a mainstream requirement for website projects. Since we’ve just completed a new website for a video production company, we thought we’d publish our guide to using website video to enhance your online conversion rates. Read more >> If you are looking to include an online video on your website, then […]

Selling is not telling – Ask questions

Wayne Berry of Top Gun Business Academy taught me that “selling is not telling.” Over the past 5 years I’ve learnt an enormous amount from Wayne about selling.  One of the fundamental keys to professional sales is to be more interested in your customers than yourself. Seems basic right? It still shocks me how many sales […]

Lead generation – Can you ever have enough leads?

If you’re not generating leads from your marketing well, then this question is a no brainer. If your marketing is working well, you may be comfortable that you’re generating enough leads. However, if you are getting lots of leads but you’re experiencing problems with customers and profits, then you might want to think about this. There is […]

Copywriting – A thousand words is worth a picture

What’s more important, the copywriting or the design of your website? Don’t get me wrong, web design is very important. A bad web design turns people off and reflects poorly on your brand. However, the more important yet often forgotten part of any web marketing project is the copywriting of your website. Good copywriting includes: Well constructed […]

Web Design – Visual Impact for SME websites?

Often the first place that SME businesses go to for a website is a web designer. The question to ask is whether it’s more important that your website is designed: For visual impact, or To demonstrate how you can solve your customers problems? The answer you choose for that question could have a significant impact on your […]

Can your website generate leads?

Amongst Australian SME’s, there are 2 sides to the “generating leads from your website” camp: Those that do Those that don’t. For those that do of course, this is a dumb question… For those that don’t, we find that the reason is often: Lack of understanding about the purpose of a website Fear and confusion about the web Bad […]

What’s in it for me?

It’s often referred to as your favourite radio station, WIIFM. What’s in it for me is a fundamental question to ask before starting any marketing project. The thing is, whether you like it or not, we are motivated by the personal payoff in whatever we do. It’s fundamental to human behavior, and once you understand it, your […]

Shopping Carts and Categories – Navigating your way to conversion

We’ve been working on one of our shopping cart sites that’s just not selling. Whilst we are a web marketing company with years of experience in optimising conversion rates on shopping cart sites, we don’t always get it right the first time! Now the first thing a really good web marketer does to solve a […]

Using testimonials on your website

“Testimonials don’t work” “I never read testimonials” “Testimonials are all made up” We often hear statements like these, however we know that testimonials will continue to be a key element of building trust with your prospects online. The trick is in how they’re used. A good article to read on the subject came from Futrue Now […]