Ecommerce Mistakes That Can Make You Go Out of Business

Doing SEO right for ecommerce is never an easy task especially now that Google Panda has been launched. Though I agree with Google that it should clean up its Search Enigne Results Pages (SERPS) the downside is that many legitimate sites are being affected and being caught up with the update. With the recent update, […]

Economic stimulus for your website – Kevin 37

Kogan Technologies launched a cheeky PR campaign this week aiming to win their share of the Australian Government’s $40 billion economic stimulus package. The Kevin37 campaign is named after the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd and Kogan’s 37” LCD TV. Let’s just say that the PR campaign was clever and effective! It has given this […]

eBay backs down, but was that the strategy in the first place?

Since we reported on eBay’s recent move to force PayPal on all of its online auctions in Australia, you may have heard that eBay has compromised on the second part of its plan to eliminate all competition in the payment systems market. Faced with the case that was building against the move at the Australian […]

eBay wants to force you to use PayPal

You may have heard that eBay recently announced its intention to force buyers and sellers to use PayPal on its monopoly online auction site. eBay currently allows users to use other payment methods such as direct bank deposit. According to iTWire eBay has asked the ACCC to excuse it from the trade practices act over […]

eCommerce Website Benchmark – What is a visit worth to you?

One of the simplest metrics that you can use to benchmark your eCommerce website is the dollar value of a visit. Often this metric is called “Revenue Per Visit,” but I just find that it feels better if you put the $ sign in front of it. It’s an emotional thing. If your currency is not […]

How to measure your eCommerce Website

With all of the information that is available from measuring websites with tools like Google Analytics, it’s easy to get distracted. A typical eCommerce website has it’s own unique set of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and conversion rates. These conversion rates will tell you where you can gain quick and profitable improvements from your eCommerce website. So start […]

Selling on price – Are your customers really price sensitive?

“Our customers are price sensitive.” “Our product is a grudge purchase.” I’ve been hearing this quite a bit in one of the industries that we’ve been working with recently. Now, I’m not going to dispute the fact that price always comes into the sales process. However, it consistently seems that the businesses that say this […]

eCommerce Websites – What do you need to maximise conversion rates?

Ever wondered what it takes to get the most out of your eCommerce website conversion rates? Well, let’s start with the basics. You must give your website visitors all of the information that they require to make a purchase. Seem simple? A good eCommerce system and good information are the first steps to maximising your eCommerce website […]

Conversion Killer! Forced shopping cart registration

Number one on my list of eCommerce conversion killers is the shopping cart registration page. It really bothers me that so many online shops ask you to “sign up” or “register” before you enter the purchase process. The topic was discussed in a recent blog entry by Bryan Eisenberg of Future Now in the US, “Why must […]

eCommerce Website Search – 10 rules to better search results and higher eCommerce conversion rates

A simple way to boost your eCommerce website’s conversion rate is to make sure your visitors can actually find what they’re looking for. It’s highly likely that a visitor to your site will use your website’s search tool to do that. Seems simple right? Well, in researching this topic we found that the simple things sometimes slip through the cracks. A review of […]

eCommerce Websites – How to handle eCommerce problems and save your customers

US company Tealeaf recently released some interesting research related to errors on eCommerce websites. “42% of online consumers abandon or switch after experiencing online transaction issues.” It can be difficult to emulate the problems that your customers experience, so there’s a number of simple actions that you can take to give you a chance […]

Read this before you accept international orders from your website

If your business sells online, receiving your first international order can be thrilling. One of the great things about selling online is the ability to reach markets far away for a low cost. But beware, the ease of conducting transactions over the internet belies the potential minefield of international trade. Before you leap into the global marketplace, […]

Web Design for Visual Impact or Customer Needs?

Do you need a website that has visual impact? Hits you right between the eyes? Would you be surprised if I told you that a visual impact website could be driving your customers away? I’ve often found that business people come to the conclusion that they need a “visual impact” website by going through a […]

Shopping Carts and Categories – Navigating your way to conversion

We’ve been working on one of our shopping cart sites that’s just not selling. Whilst we are a web marketing company with years of experience in optimising conversion rates on shopping cart sites, we don’t always get it right the first time! Now the first thing a really good web marketer does to solve a […]