Truck signage is a traffic oppportunity

Van Signage - Using Web Address

Sure, truck signage is an great opportunity to engage your audience on the road, but what about creating traffic to your website? A recent study* on radio advertising showed that 80% of listeners who heard a relevant radio ad with a web address mentioned in it went on to visit the website. We postulate that […]

WHOIS: Is Your Domain Name Really Yours?

What every company needs to know about their domain name…  Imagine that you are moving into a new office today. Your furniture is moved in, the phones are being connected, offices setup. You’re all set, but for one detail. The landlord has decided that he’s going to keep the only set of keys. Does that sound crazy? Well, […]

Choosing a domain name

How many domain names does your company hold? We find that many companies have wisely registered domain names that ensure their company name and trademarks are protected. With less regulation in the domain space, it is now possible to hold domain names such as: A generic name for your product or service A term that […]